Aquamax - Biopellets 1/2 gallon

Aquamax - Biopellets 1/2 gallon

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AquaMaxx Biopellets improve water quality for fish and other marine life in saltwater aquariums. BioPellets initiate a more efficient denitrification process that removes nitrate and phosphate from aquarium water, where if left unchecked, high nitrate and phosphate fuels algae growth and may negatively impact invertebrate or coral.

AquaMaxx Biopellets require a fluidized media reactor placed next to a protein skimmer and keeps the pellets in a constant tumble. Placing the reactor or reactor outlet next to an efficient protein skimmer helps export the biofilm that is produced which holds the consumed nitrate and phosphate.

The Biopellets are colonized by a beneficial bacteria, overtime, which will consume nitrate and phosphate. The pellets shed a layer of biofilm - a bi-product of the bacteria - so having an efficient skimming is highly recommended.

Use Guidelines:

  • Rinse and soak new media in RODI water for up to 24 hours
  • Starting dose 1 cup per 50 gallons of saltwater aquarium volume
  • Start 1/2 to 1/4 of starting dose and increase over time (4+ weeks)
  • Keep significant aeration in aquarium system
  • Adjust the biopellet reactor flow so that the pellets are suspended and gently tumbling
  • Place reactor or reactor outlet in close proximity to protein skimmer
  • Replenish biopellets in the reactor every 3 to 6 months or as needed with additional pellets

Available sizes: 500 ml|1/4 gallon|1/2 gallon | 1 gallon

Manufacturer Info

AquaMaxx is a Southern California-based aquarium supply company that entered the market in mid-2008 with a line of affordable metal halide bulbs. The brand quickly gained recognition as word spread about the high quality and low cost of their lamps. In 2009, AquaMaxx released a line of aquarium filter socks and, in early 2010, unveiled an assortment of high-performance protein skimmer accessories and upgrades.