BRS Pre-Packed Bulk Deionization Resin (Color Changing)

BRS Pre-Packed Bulk Deionization Resin (Color Changing)

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Deionization (DI) Resin is used as the last stage of a RODI system to reduce any remaining total dissolved solids (TDS) down to undetectable levels, making perfect water for reef tanks.

  • Professionally Packed
  • Color Changing (Changes from blue to brown as it depletes)
  • Vacuum packed in foil-lined 4mm Mylar bags for a long shelf life
  • Includes Refillable 10” Cartridge
  • Nuclear Grade


Pre-Packed DI Cartridges let you just remove and replace your current DI cartridge without having to repack it with new resin that takes time, and can create a mess. Packing the resin tightly is very important and with our custom DI packing press, we can now offer a superior DI cartridge that will help prevent water channeling through the resin. Our cartridges are compatible with all BRS RODI systems and also other brands like Aquamaxx, Spectrapure, AquaFX, IceCap, etc.


Deionization Resin will start to deplete as soon as it is exposed to air and traditional plastic packaging allows for a small amount of air transfer that will degrade the lifespan of the resin. All BRS DI resins are vacuum sealed in a 4mm foil-lined Mylar bag, that removes all the air and keeps it out! With the mylar bags, we have found they keep the resin fresher for longer.


To get maximum life from your DI resin please takes the following steps

  • Ensure optimal operation of your RO membrane. The higher your membranes rejection rate the fewer TDS your product water will contain resulting in longer lasting resin. The best way to keep the membrane rejection rate up is to monitor and change your prefilters appropriately as well as maintain at least 50psi going into the membrane.
  • Ensure the resin is packed in the cartridge securely. The resin should be packed very tightly. When squeezed, there should be almost no flex to the cartridge.
  • The initial couple minutes of water from your RO membrane will always be high, this is commonly referred to as TDS creep. Diverting the first few minutes of water down the drain can often greatly reduce DI resin consumption.
  • Maintain low levels of carbon dioxide in your water supply. Excess carbon dioxide will deplete DI resin quickly. If you are depleting resin quickly and have already: addressed the two options above, excess carbon dioxide is the likely culprit. You have two choices:
  • Collect the water coming from your RO system in a large container, add a power head or air stone and allow the CO2 to gas off. Then pump the water through your DI resin.


What's Included?

1x 2.5" x 10" Cartridge Pre-Packed with Color Changing DI Resin