Kamoer X1 Single Dosing Bluetooth Micro-pump Doser

Kamoer X1 Single Dosing Bluetooth Micro-pump Doser

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The Kamoer X1 Liquid Dosing Pump is the latest state-of-the-art doser, Bluetooth-controllable, liquid dosing pump from Kamoer. The integrated Bluetooth allows for complete control through iPhone or Android mobile devices, with an easy to use app that can set up a single pump or multiple X1 Micropumps to any desired dosing regimen, it sets up in a jiffy.

The X1 is flexible and will precisely control liquid additions to your aquarium.


  • Add multiple X1 pumps to control
  • Flow calibration setting 
  • Operational modes (Manual, Auto Quick Setting) 
  • Easy setting - Set dosing start and stop time (does not have to be 24 hours) 
  • Enter total number of ml to be dosed over the time period 
  • Enter the number of times to dose each time period (up to 12 times) 
  • User can even choose dosing every 1 - 31 days or certain days per week 
  • Adjustable dosing volume Auto Mode: 0.5 - 6500.0ml 
  • Adjustable dosing volume Manual Mode: 0.1 - 6000.0ml 
  • Delay setting between channels prevents chemical interference


  •  Requires Bluetooth capable mobile device to operate.
  • Dosing Channel: 1
  • Dosing Times: 12 times / day -once / 31 days
  • Fluid Volume: .1ml - 6000ml
  • Accuracy: <+/-2%
  • Pump Life: >2000 hours
  • Max height the pump can push up is 2 meters