RED SEA ReefLED RL90 Mounting Arm for 18.25 to 21.25 Inch Wide Tanks

RED SEA ReefLED RL90 Mounting Arm for 18.25 to 21.25 Inch Wide Tanks

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The RL90 ReefLED Mounting Arms are individual mounts that securely attach onto the rear wall of the aquarium and can flip upright, allowing greater access to the aquarium for reefscaping or tank maintenance.

The RL90 is available in three sizes for aquarium widths ranging from 18.25" to 27.5" and glass thickness 5/16" to 3/4"

ReefLED Unit Recommendations:


Reefer Classic

Reefer XL

Reefer XXL


Nano 170 250 350 450 425 525 625 750 500 650
ReefLED 90
90 watt LED Light Fixture
1 2 2 3 2 3 3 4 3 4
RL90 Mounting Arm
(18.25" - 21.25")
1 2 2 3
RL90 Mounting Arm XL
(21.25" - 24.5")
2 3
RL90 Mounting Arm XXL
(24.5" - 27.5")
3 4
RL90 Hanging Kit
(30" - 39")
RL90 Hanging Kit
(39" - 48")
1 1
RL90 Hanging Kit
(49" - 60")
1 1
RL90 Hanging Kit
(61" - 72")
1 1


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