Salifert - Ammonia Test Kit

Salifert - Ammonia Test Kit

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  • Ammonia and ammonium should be rapidly converted by aerobic nitrification into nitrite and then nitrate and finally into nitrogen gas. If this does not happen then either the aquarium is not fully matured or there is a problem with the tank's biological system, which can be caused by an excessive biological loading being placed on the system.
  • The Salifert Ammonia Test Kit measures the total amount of ammonia and ammonium quickly and accurately.
  • Sufficient for up to 50 tests and can detect 0.5 ppm of total ammonia easily



  1. Add with 2 ml syringe 2 ml of water in the test vialåÊ
  2. Fill the 1 ml syringe with 1.00 ml NH3 reagent.
  3. Add 0.5 ml to the test vial and swirl gently for 30 seconds.
    Add the remaining 0.5 ml and swirl gently for 10 seconds.
    Allow to stand for 3 minutes.åÊ
  4. Swirl the test vial gently for 5 seconds.åÊ
  5. Hold the test vial in front of you and look through the side of the test vial. Keep the color chart behind the test vial.
Ensure that a white piece of the color chart is behind the liquid layer. The values on the color chart are in mg/L total ammonia (that is NH3 + NH4+).