Simplicity Dosing Container - 3 x 2L Compartments (6L Total)

Simplicity Dosing Container - 3 x 2L Compartments (6L Total)

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The Simplicity Dosing Container - 3 x 2L Compartments (total of 6.0 Liters) is equipped with three high capacity individual compartments for dosing.


You can successfully automate dosing Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium or the supplement of your choice. The sleek and sturdy compartments provide a safe place to store liquid foods or fertilizers. There are easy-to-read markings in milliliters and ounces so you`ll always know how much solution you have available. Tight fitting lids seal without creating a vacuum so they`re easy to remove.


This dosing container is capable of holding all sorts of liquid supplements, top-off water (very handy!), trace elements, even food. Alk, Ca, and Mg are likely choices for reef hobbyists.


If you have a reef aquarium, it is important to keep the water chemistry balanced. Using an automated dosing system is a great way to reduce daily aquarium chores and provide a healthier environment for your wet pets.


The Simplicity Dosing Container is completely practical yet adds a touch of class to your aquarium system. You`ll notice the quality as soon as you take it out of the box!




Dimensions: 11.8" x 4.8" x 7.8"

Capacity: 6.0 liters (3 x 2.0L) or 2000ml or 67.6oz

Can be used in conjunction with the Heavy Duty Silicone Tubing and Float Switch Kit (recommended so you can create alerts when solutions run low)

Manufacturer Description from Simplicity


This container is perfect for keeping your solutions organized and your sump area neat and clean. Each chamber of the dosing container has markings in both mL and ounces for accurate measurement and tracking of how much of each solution you`re using. Lids are easily removed for quick refills, but sit securely in place when you don`t need to access them—ensuring no foreign materials make their way into your solutions. Each chamber is also equipped with a full length straw.