Titanium Aquarium Heater System

Titanium Aquarium Heater System

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Know and Trust Your Aquariums Temperature

Keeping the temperature of your aquarium stable is one of the easiest things that can be done without having to invest in expensive electronics and fancy heat exchanging systems. The Bulk Reef Supply Titanium Aquarium Heater System is a complete temperature control system that includes a virtually unbreakable titanium heating element paired with a reliable and easy to use controller. The heater controller includes two large LCD displays that are easy to read and will let you know the current temperature of your aquarium along with the temperature programmed into the controller. Each heater controller can be custom calibrated and also features a replaceable temperature probe allowing the controller to last you a lifetime with simple probe maintenance. The heater(s) can plug into the 12" outlet dongle that is built into the controller and can control up to two heaters at the same time. 

  • 0.3°F On/Off Cycle Precision
  • Precise Digital Readout
  • Replaceable Temperature Probe
  • Dual Heater Control
  • Easy to Calibrate
  • Adjustable Hysteresis
  • Robust Titanium Heating Element
  • Fully Submersible Elements
  • Simple Suction Cup Mounting System
  • 3-Year Heater Element Warranty


Heater Wattage Power Consumption Heating Elements Length/Diameter Suggested Tank Size Power Cord Length
100W 0.83A @ 120VAC One 10.25" / 1" up to 40 Gallons 72"
200W 1.6A @ 120VAC One 10.25" / 1" up to 75 Gallons 72"
300W 2.5A @ 120VAC One 10.25" / 1" up to 100 Gallons 72"
600W 5A @ 120VAC One 14.0" / 1" up to 200 Gallons 72"
1200W 10A @ 120VAC Two 14.0" / 1" (each) up to 350 Gallons 72"


Why Titanium?

Compared to glass heaters, titanium heaters are virtually unbreakable and will never shatter in your aquarium and can conduct heat through the body much quicker, ultimately making them more efficient. In most cases when a glass heater fails, the failure-prone seals will go bad allowing water into the heater body and can start to corrode the contents inside the heater causing water contamination and possible electric shock, or the body will just shatter leaving glass particles throughout your aquarium. Titanium heating elements take both of those risks and virtually eliminate them by having a shatterproof body along with welded end caps for a life-time of operation.


0.3°F Control Precision

Keeping a reef tank's temperature steady is crucial to long-term success. The BRS Heater Controller lets you set the temperature anywhere between 58°F and 99.9°F and the controller can then be set to turn on and off within as little as 0.3°F of the set temperature. By allowing such a tight on/off window and minimal deviation from the set temperature, the temperature fluctuations in the aquarium can be minimized.


Replaceable Temperature Probe

The tank's temperature is sensed through a replaceable probe that is 72" long and only takes a few seconds if it ever needs to be replaced. The low-cost probe is perfect for conditions like saltwater aquariums, where deposits and algae can grow on the probe that requires vigorous cleaning, and ultimately being the main failure point. If you ever notice the temperature starts to drift or not hold a calibration it is usually a good sign that the probe needs to be replaced.


Controller Specifications:

  • Control Range - 58°F - 99.9°F
  • Control Precision - 0.3°F up to 15°F (0.15°F - 7.5°F hysterisis)
  • Display Resolution - 0.1°F
  • Input Power - 120VAC @ 60Hz
  • Max Output Power - 10 amps @ 120VAC
  • Replaceable Temperature Probe Length - 72"
  • Outlet Dongle Length - 12"
  • Power Cord Length - 60"
  • Warranty - 1 Year


What's Included?

  • 1x BRS Aquarium Heater Controller
  • 1x BRS Titanium Aquarium Heater Element (1200w kit includes two heating elements)
  • 1x BRS Heater Suction Cup Mounting Kit (1200w kit includes two suction cup mounting kits)
  • 1-Year Heater Controller Warranty
  • 3-Year Heater Element Warranty