Triton Labs - ICP-OES Seawater Analysis Test Kit - 1-Pack

Triton Labs - ICP-OES Seawater Analysis Test Kit - 1-Pack

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TRITON Applied Reef Bio-science invented analytical seawater testing (ICP-OES) for reef aquariums in 2008. Tens of thousands of aquarists worldwide - ranging from hobbyists to professionals - trust TRITON’s unequaled knowledge and experience in sea water testing. With tens of thousands of analyses completed on wild reefs and home aquaria TRITON leads the aquarium industry in complete understanding of seawater. TRITON is the only company in the world to be able to offer truly useful expert advise based on this long term understanding of seawater. ONLY TRITON offers the most advanced analysis AND ongoing support needed for the modern aquarist.

TRITON’s commitment to innovative reefkeeping led them to develop proprietary methods to precisely measure seawater that due to technical difficulties was not possible in the past. Today TRITON continues to lead the industry with constant innovation and new groundbreaking products and services.
Simply purchase a test kit, register for a free account at, create an aquarium profile, register the included barcode, take the samples, and send them to TRITON Lab.

By using TRITON ICP-OES lab testing not only do you receive valuable information which helps your own aquarium, your results also contribute to the world’s largest study of closed seawater systems. TRITON uses this database to understand and model seawater which in turn comes back to aquarists as advice and revolutionary new products and services such as CORE7.

Each TRITON LAB ICP water analysis is an accurate snapshot of the water quality in your system, analyzing a comprehensive suite of macro and trace elements crucial to healthy function of your reef system, such as:  

Sodium (Na) Calcium (Ca) Magnesium (Mg) Potassium (K) Strontium (Sr) Boron (B) Bromine (Br) Sulphur (S) Iodine (I)
Lithium (Li) Beryllium (Be) Barium (Ba) Titanium (Ti) Vanadium (V) Chromium (Cr) Manganese (Mn) Iron (Fe) Tungsten (W)
Cobalt (Co) Nickel (Ni) Copper (Cu) Zinc (Zn) Aluminium (Al) Silicon (Si) Arsenic (As) Antimony (Sb) Scandium (Sc)
Tin (Sn) Cadmium (Cd) Selenium (Se) Molybdenum (Mo) Mercury (Hg) Phosphorus (P) Phosphate (PO4) Lead (Pb) Lanthanum (La)

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Triton Applied Reef Bioscience was founded to take the mystery out of reefkeeping by empowering aquarists to test their sea water, know what is actually in it, and use scientific advice to fix water quality problems before they arise.

Their ground breaking application of HPLC and ICP-OES techniques to reef keeping came from in-house research and development by TRITON LAB. When combined with their range of highly pure supplements and treatments developed by TRITON REAGENTS, we arrive at the heart of what separates TRITON from the competition. They empower hobbyists with the knowledge of what is actually in their seawater, and give them the control to fix it, with accuracy and precision.

But they didn’t stop there. Because Triton are chemists AND reef keepers, they wanted this solution to be available to everyone. So they created the TRITON METHOD: an easy-to-follow recipe so anyone can have the beauty and tranquility of a living coral reef in their own home.